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Hey, Im new in the Community! =) I like StarBursts, MCR, AFI, The Doors. I love the Stars and everything about the sun as well.... Heres a pic.... As well I have a thought i'd like to add right a way... I was in the car yesterday with my Mom and I was looking Thru cds to put in..I grabbed an old one, the first song that came on was "adam's song" by Blink 182, well it just soo happned to Be one of my really good freinds fave. song, whom introduced me to the band blink, whom i havent talked to since i moved 2 weeks ago...WE were close..we were freinds...I heard that song the day before she... Holly

My friend died today. Jezzika and Jessica went to McDonalds, Jezzika lost control of the car and it just rolled down a hill. Jezzika's seatbelt snapped, and she flew out the window. Jessica, thankfully her seatbelt worked and her airbag went off, if she wouldn't have been wearing a seatbelt, the impact from her flying forward and the airbag would have killed her instantly. An ambulance went to the car crash, Jessica had to have the Jaws Of Life to get her out of the car because it was that totaled, Jezzika had to by flown by helicopter. Kayla P and I then went to the hosptial bringing flowers to give to the girls... everything really didn't sink in until we got to the hosptial and saw Jessica. She barely could move and every breath she took was pure pain, she couldn't get even fix the blankets that were on her, or even blow her own nose. When we got to the room we asked how Jezzika, Jessica said that she was brain dead. The more we talked to Jessica's mom, the more it sunk in for both of us that what was happening was real. We both began to cry, but yet tried to hold back our tears for Jessica... the whole time we were in the room Jessica wouldn't even really look us in the eyes, she just sat there and cried. Kayla asked Jessica, "are you in a lot of pain" she responded... "yes, but I really don't care at the moment" because she lost her best friend, the person she's know since elementary school, they were literally attached by the hip. Kayla and I later on left the room to go bring Jezzika her flowers, even if she wouldn't be able to see them. When we got there there was a room full of people waiting to see how Jezzika was going to be after surgery. She had been in it for almost 2 or 3 hours... ends up she fractured her head and her brain was bleeding, she was either going to be brain dead, or she was going to be dead, at that moment, the doctors were even talking about taking her organs, even before she died. After awhile Kayla and I both left the room, I couldn't hold back anymore and I began to burst into tears, to the point where I couldn't breath. As we walked to the car, we both cried the whole way home, and when we got there, we were still crying. As the night went on we began to settle down, and tried to forget about what was happening, just for a second, try to believe that Jezzika was okay, that she was going to make it, she was going to pull through. We even began to laugh a little, started to get a lil' happy. Then, Kayla calls Andrea, who from the second we told her what happened began to cry, and even after almost 3 hours later, she was still crying. She told us Jezzika had died the second time they brought her into surgery. It all seems so unreal, like none of this is really happening.

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